Vital Records


For Genealogy birth or marriage records,  the record requested must be 75 years or older.
For Genealogy death records, the record requested must be 20 years or older.

For Genealogy records, you can email us first to see if we have the records requested.  If we do have the records, you will be directed to use
the Official Records Online link to order the records.

you can search to see if a vital record exists, by Name, but you will not see the actual record and no dates of birth will be listed. 


To request a vital record (Birth, Death or Marriage), click on the link below, Follow and complete the instructions on the Official Records Online website.
      MAILING:  There are 2 options, REGULAR mail  cost is $1.00   or   Federal Express is $30. 

MAILING:   If you do NOT want to pay $30 for  Fed  Ex shipping, CLICK on the drop down arrow and choose REGULAR MAIL - $1.00

Certified copies of BIRTH And MARRIAGE   RECORDS   $15 -  1st copy; $6 each additional copy:  DEATH RECORDS  $17 - 1st copy; $10 each additional copy

Genealogy copies of Birth, Death and Marriage are $11 and $1 for each additional copy of the same record.


USE   THE   LINK  below  to order vital records.    This link will only work on a desktop or a laptop.   It will not work on a phone or a tablet.