Searching A Property

Warren County property records go as far back as 1833.


The Warren County Recorder's office is the custodian of all Warren County property records and we work diligently to preserve the records and to have accurate records (though mistakes can and do happen).

The Warren County Recorder's office does NOT perform property searches.

In-Office: The public is welcome to come in to the Warren County Recorder's office and search the property records and lien indexes. It is helpful to have an address of the property or the Section, Township and Range of the property.

Warren County computer records are available as far back as 1985 at this time. We are working on back indexing older documents.

On-Line: There are two ways to search a Warren County Property on-line.
A free on-line search by Name, Document Type or Recorded date.
NO images are available.
An on-line search by Name, Document Type, Recorded Date, Document number, subdivision, Parcel number or Metes/Bounds (Section, Township, Range)
There is a fee per name searched and an image is available to print.
A subscription is available to our Laredo system. Complete the pdf Laredo Usage agreement and return to our office with the first month payment of the plan you would like to use (ie - $50 a month up to 250 minutes). You will then be billed every month.
Laredo Usage Agreement


Any Warren County property owner can sign up for alerts on any document that is filed in the Warren County Recorder's office with their name on the document. Click on the link below to sign up for this free service