Redeeming Delinquent Property Taxes

Delinquent Taxes

If property taxes go unpaid by the property owner, the property taxes owed become delinquent. These delinquent taxes then become available for purchase every year in October, in an auction conducted by the Warren County Treasurer at an annual tax sale, where registered tax buyers can buy these unpaid taxes with all the legal rights and privileges associated with this purchase. Please direct any questions on "tax sale" procedures and delinquent property lists to the Warren County Treasurer 309-734-8536.

If unpaid taxes have been sold, the County Clerk's office can provide you with an "estimate of redemption", detailing the amount necessary to redeem (pay) the delinquent tax amount and to remove the tax buyer's interest from the property. Call 309-734-4612

Redemption can only be made by means of cash, certified funds or money order made payable to the Warren County Clerk.

Interest increases every 6 months, ONLY  "payment in full" is accepted.