Warren County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Denise L. Schreck


The Appellant has thirty (30) days (including weekends and holidays) to file an appeal after the court order. After the appeal is filed with the Clerk of the Court, the appellant has to serve a copy of the appeal on the other parties involved. They also need to file within 14 days after the appeal is filed their docketing statement. They will need to send this along with a $25.00 filing fee directly to the Appellate Court. The clerk's office does not charge for filing the appeal but there is a fee to prepare the record. The costs are as follows:

1-100 pages   $60.00 plus delivery and costs
100-200         $150.00 plus delivery and costs
200 plus         $150.00 plus delivery and costs
                      an additional .25 per page

On Civil, traffic and misdemeanor appeals, it is up to the appellant to order and pay for all transcipts that they want included in the record. When the transcripts are prepared and given to the clerk, she will notify the appellant of the cost of the appeal. Once the appeal fee is paid, the clerk will prepare the record and send it to the Appellate Court. The clerk has nine (9) weeks from the time the appeal is filed until the record is prepared and sent to the Appellate Court.

The Clerk of the Appellate Court
Third Judicial District
1004 Columbus Street
Ottawa, IL 61350