Permanent Vote By Mail Application

Warren County voters were mailed a notice regarding a Permanent Vote By Mail Application.  A voter only needs to complete and return the Application For Permanent Vote By Mail if they want to receive a Vote By Mail ballot for:

1) All elections that do not require a party designation (which would include ALL General Elections in November of even years and all consolidated elections in odd years)

2) All elections including the primary elections.  In which case you need to mark a party designation.  INDEPENDENT is not a party. 
      (Democratic,   Republican,  and occasionally and OTHER part is:  Green,  Libertarian, etc)  

IF the application is not complete it will be returned to the voter for completion. 

IF YOU PLAN TO GO TO THE POLLS ON ELECTION DAY,  or plan to vote Early in the County Clerk's Office,  PLEASE DO NOT Complete this Application.