Voter Registration and Voting

EARLY Voting - September 27 through November 5, 2018

GRACE period voter registration and Voting - October 10th through November 6, 2018
      If you are not registered to vote, need to change and address or name?  During this GRACE period you are required to come in to the
      Warren County Clerk's Office and register to vote, change an address or change a name and you will be required to vote at that time.
       Proof of address will be required.

VOTE BY MAIL - call 309-734-4612   First day to mail applications or ballots is September 27th.
                                                            Last day to mail  a ballot is November 1st
       Voting By Mail is a two step process:  you will be mailed an application.  You will need to complete the application, sign and return to the Warren County
        Clerk's office.    Once we receive the application to vote back, we will mail out a ballot.    DARKEN the ovals on the ballot by the candidates of your choice.
        Seal in the envelope provided.  Sign the certification envelope, place in larger envelope and return to the Warren County Clerk's Office.
         MUST be postmarked by November 6, 2018