Alexis Offices

Founded: 1870
Type: Village
School District: United School District

Community Offices

Alexis Village Hall

122 North Main Street, PO Box356
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - noon
Web address not available



Jenny McKeown
  Alexis Village Clerk
  Village of Alexis, 306 S. Main, - Warren County
  Fax: 309-482-3424

Dale Oberhaus
  Alexis Village President term expires 2017
  Alexis Village Board, 505 E. Hunt St., - Warren County

Katie Brown
  Alexis Village Trustee term expires 2017
  Village of Alexis, 301 S. Holloway, - Warren County

Angie Corben
  Alexis Village Treasurer
  Village of Alexis, P.O.Box 321, - Mercer County

James Olson
  Alexis Water & Sewer Super.
  Village of Alexis

Donn Sperry
  Alexis Street & Ally Super.
  Village of Alexis

Jane S. Moore
  Alexis Trustee term expries 2019
  Village of Alexis, 109 S.Holloway, - Warren County

Julie VanFleet
  Alexis Trustee term expires 2017
  Village of Alexis, P.O.Box 692, - Mercer County

Rick Benson
  Alexis Trustee term expires 2019
  Village of Alexis, P.O.Box 294, - Warren County

Dixie McCreight
  Alexis Trustee term expires 2017
  Village of Alexis, 211 N. Holloway St., - Mercer County

Ricky Edwards
  Alexis Village Trustee
  Village of Alexis, 2015 S. Holloway St.